Thought of the week

By Pastor Mike Roberts

I read a story a week or so ago that really upset me. The story was about the danger that our young children are facing in a society that is less and less family oriented. And the fact that satan uses anything he possibly can to pull children away. What the writer of the story was most concerned about was the possibility of losing a generation of children to the devil. In today’s society, there are more children than ever before living in a home where the father or mother is absent. There are also more children than ever living in a home without either parent. Which brings to the table even more problems. Then you add on top of that, there are more families than ever who don’t want to make the effort to raise their children the way they should be raised. Selfish Fathers, selfish mothers, who care only about themselves, and don’t really care what effect it has on their children.

That is our society in 2022. That’s the way most people live. And of course, in societies like this, it’s very easy for your kids to be – not just influenced – but overcome by the power of satan himself. You see, the devil looks for any opportunity to steal the soul of our children. And selfish, self-centered parents make it easy for the thief to steal, kill, and destroy families. As John 10:10 says “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.  I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

So, back to the article. It talked about the trap that satan uses to grab our children’s attention. And the particular trap it was referring to is the use of electronic devices. It talked about the dangers of a society where parents spending quality time with their children has been replaced by TV’s, computers, tablets, and smartphones. It talked about the lack of control that parents have in their children’s lives. It talked about an entire generation of children that could be lost; their hearts being stolen right out from under their parents’ eyes.

Parents simply are not engaging with their kids enough, allowing excessive amounts of what’s called “screen time”.
I know that things can be exaggerated – I know that people can sometimes spin information in such a way that everything seems to support their opinion. So, in light of that, I decided to do my own research:
  • According to a survey conducted in February 2021, nearly half of the adult respondents stated that on average they spent five to six hours on their phone on a daily basis, not including work-related smartphone use.
  • A further 22% of respondents said that they spent three to four hours on average on their phone daily.
  • Just 5% of the surveyed users said they spent less than an hour a day on their smartphone.
  • At of the end of 2020, 18% of respondents reported not limiting their use of mobile apps or services at all.
  • Between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, users in the United States spent more than 37 minutes daily on social media apps.
Seems awfully obsessive to me! But let me just ask – does anybody spend 37 minutes a day reading your bible on that phone that we spend so much time on?

Exactly how much screen time do children get on average? According to one report:
  • 8-10 years olds spend 6 hours
  • 11-14 year olds spend 9 hours
  • 15-18 year olds spend 7.5 hours a day

What makes this problem even worse – did you know that nearly half of our children are exposed to online pornography before they are 11 years old? And they’re not just being exposed to pornography. They’re probably even more exposed to homosexuality. If you don’t believe me, just look up “approved family shows” from the LGBTQ community. Shows like Madagascar- A Little Wild, The Legend of Kora, and She-Ra & the princess of power, and even Rugrats (the reboot) and many others are recommended shows of the Gay and Lesbian community. One particular disturbing fact is that She-Ra and the princess of power actually features multiple characters that fit nearly every category in the LGBTQ community. As you can see, we are allowing our children to be exposed to things that they shouldn’t be. And it’s very alarming, because, again, the devil will use any tactic he can to pull them away from their faith in Jesus.

As Christians, we have to realize the cost of living a life that God isn’t pleased with. I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy entertainment. What I’m saying is we have flipped the script – we think entertainment is what is most important! But if we really care about our relationship with God, and we care about those around us, we all need to realize we have work to do. And if parents choose not to do it, their children’s souls are at stake!